Welcome to ARP Sports Massage South Yorkshire

I am a sports massage therapist based in Maltby, South Yorkshire. I have 20 years business experience in Customer Care and Service Delivery Management where I am a experienced manager with a formidable reputation for being able to develop and motivate people within a blue chip multinational IT corporation.

With the ability to deliver outstanding Sports Massage Services with the utmost customer focus, care and professionalism. Each therapy session is customised to the clients requirements whether that be an elite athlete, fun, hobby, amateur, stress relief, range of movement or just a general body maintenance.  Each session is targeted at providing the customer with not only the physical and physiological benefits of a sports massage but also a relaxing feel good factor to help soothe the mind.

Sports massages and Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) can be delivered either from my contemporary studio or can be delivered mobile within South Yorkshire or supporting larger events nationwide.



  • Can Improve Range of Movement and flexibility
  • Can Increase athletic performance
  • Increase tissue permeability
  • Breakdown excess scar tissue / adhesions
  • Facilitate local blood flow
  • Assist lymph flow
  • Aid recovery post event
  • Preparation of the body for an event



  • Increased blood and lymphatic flow
  • Assist in removing toxins and waste from tissue
  • Increase supply of oxygen
  • Erythema
  • Help with pain relief
  • Stimulation of sebaceous glands
  • Remove tension / tightness from muscles, tendons, ligaments
  • Increase the rate of recovery



  • Can help reduce stress and anxiety
  • Increased mental alertness and response
  • Mental relaxation and have a calming effect on the mind
  • Improve mood and give a feel good factor
  • Can be a pleasant distraction from the stresses of everyday life
  • Focus and prepare the mind for an event
One session with him yesterday removed painful knots in my leg and back muscles. He also offered helpful massage and other cures for my “golfer’s elbow”. Believe it or not, I was also taller after his work on my vertebrae. It had to be good treatment, his inheritance might have been at stake 🙂
Mick Phillips, Private Client
Just home after a deep, brutal and effective session. Getting ready and fit to prepare for the 9 Edges fell race.
I was not expecting how good I felt after the first session but it was impressive to have no aches in my calves and to feel fast and light on my feet.
Second time round i know that I’ll take even more benefit.
Excellent new table too, quality music choices and overall as good as it can get while a strong chap fixes your aches, stretches your unbending form and gives you an understanding of your pain threshold in a positive way.
See you again in two weeks!
Mark James, Private Client
Just had a fantastic body blitz sports massage from Andy.
He definitely found the knots in my calf’s!! Can thoroughly recommend. Nearly 2 hours of beating me up, and he only went 1/4 power on me apparently!
Cheers Andy.
Phil Dixon, Private Client
Happy returning customer- Good quality sports massage, helped a few injuries i was carrying too!
Lovely guy as well, very thorough and very well mannered and polite – things like that make your experience better !
Thanks again Andy
Leah Mullins, Private Client
Another amazing massage /stretching session with Andy. Most painful but definitely the best yet. Not many can get fits of giggles during a painful stretch. Flexibility and range of movement is improving so much and weight loss is really showing now. Xxx
Stacey Nolan, Private Client
Another fantastic sports massage by Andy, he tailored the massage to the sport I play and concentrated on key areas. 100% professional at all times I would definitely recommend
Joanne Moore, Private Client
I had two fantastic massages this weekend and felt really good afterwards. They helped me to relax and helped me with my anxiety. Andrew was very professional and I would not hesitate to recommend him.
Marie Boo Phillips, Private Client
Absolute brilliant sports massage.Two hours of good pain defiantly got those knots.
Would high recommend and very professional, thanks Andy
Joanne Long, Private Client
After a long term calf injury, I approached Andy for advice for the best way forward to get back into running. After a full body blitz last night I can genuinely say the pain has gone this morning. I wish I had met you 2 years ago!!
I have visited NHS physiotherapist in the past to try and cure the problem and I was just sent away with a set of stretching practices. Andy spent a full hour just on my left calf, don’t get me wrong, we discussed a swear box, but it was well worth the pain.
Thank you Andy, absolutely amazing.
Michael Atkinson, Private Client
Just got back from an absolutely amazing massage! Every part of it was explained in detail. So professional and welcoming. I was sceptical due to a bad previous experience and recommended by a friend. I will definitely be back for more! Thanks andy!
Alice Hughes
Andy has been along to a few Run For All events to provide pre and post-race massage to Jane Tomlinson Appeal runners and has been fantastic at every event he’s attended. He really takes his time to make sure each runner’s needs are met and has built up a really good rapport with JTA fundraisers too. They look forward to being able to visit him and he is an absolute pleasure to have along at the events. In particular he was great at the Sheffield Half Marathon – it was an exceptionally busy day and Andy even provided massage to other runners, not just our fundraisers, working flat out all day and working well alongside another provider. We would really recommend him!
Mascot Tommo , Jane Tomlinson Charity
I was given the most relaxing and soothing sports massage yesterday after completing the London Marathon. Andy was great and explained what massage would help recovery. Even managed to gently work out a knot from my calf.
Would definitely recommend ARP sports massages
Eve Wilosn London Marathon runner , Athelete / Footballer
Andy was fantastic today i couldnt recommend him highly enough today was my first half marathon i was very sore to say the least and five minutes later after the sport massage i felt so so so much better, thank you very much
Josh Stone Leeds Half Marathon, Runner
A massive thank you to Andy Phillips. I can’t recommend him enough. Both Stuart Moore and I have had a fantastic sports massage giving us both a much better range of movement. Looking forward to improved sports performance and yoga ability. Thanks Andy
Gina / Stuart Moore , Garden Room
Fab sports massage after the Sheffield 10k today. Great service…with my ongoing calf problems he identified knot and previous injury sites straight away smile emoticon
Simon Polkey, Athelete
I have had relaxation massages before but this was my first sports massage. Andy gave me the light relaxation sports massage but I can honestly say that I enjoyed it more than previous massages. Without a doubt Andy was the most professional and talked through and explained aspects of the massage, I felt very comfortable and left feeling like my muscles had had a good workout. I would definitely recommend to anyone, thanks Andy!
Hanna-liese Wright
I worked with Andy recently supporting Jane Tomlinson Appeal runners at the Leeds Half Marathon. I can honestly say he made the event for our runners. He didn’t stop all day and really eased some aches and pains.
After looking after all of our runners, there was a lady who was really struggling. So Andy got out his kit again and looked after her. We can’t recommend enough!
Happy returning customer- Good quality sports massage, helped a few injuries i was carrying too!

Lovely guy as well, very thorough and very well mannered and polite – things like that make your experience better ! �
Thanks again Andy

Leah Mullins , Bees Netball
Andy is so friendly and makes you feel so comfortable. The massage was great and my legs barely hurt the next day after the 10k!
Hannah Ford Sheffield 10k
Just had a great session, touched my toes for the very first time in exercise
Mick Connole, Private Client
Absolutely brilliant, very knowledgeable and professional
Sam Jane Ramsey Hockey player Lincoln University , Student